inspiring focus, simplicity, and purpose


Basic means fundamental. Essential. Most important.

And for me, probably the best.

If you are really curious about minimalism, here are a few sites I recommend you for starters:

Are you new to minimalism?

The best content to read when starting out is The Minimalists’ Start Here page.

The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, explain here all the basics about minimalism, from getting rid of stuff to making hard decisions.

Their archives is also a treasure chest of free essays that shows how generous these guys are.

If you are a young dad starting to raise a family and wanting to simplify life at the same time, the best resource is Joshua Becker’s Becoming Minimalist.

There he shares the Benefits of Minimalism.

In the blog’s beginning, Joshua tells his story on how he and his family started out with minimalism.

Strolling through his archives as a young father myself, it inspired me enough to also go on this path toward simplicity.

He also talks about the connection between minimalism and spirituality, two life-giving principles that I adhere to.

Now, Joshua continues to share valuable and unmissable articles about owning less and living more.

Courtney Carver’s Be More With Less has been helpful in providing practical tips to simplify life and learn to live with less to enjoy more and be more.

Same with her blog, Courtney is also very helpful and sincere.

She expresses genuine interest on anyone asking for valid help. I’m in awe at how she responds to my occasional interactions with her.

One time, I just shared the awesome experience of trying out her Project 333 experiment, and she countered by featuring me on her blog.

I was shocked and forever grateful as since then that simple gesture instantly doubled my blog readership.

My Definition of Minimalism

I also have my take on minimalism.

Hope these basics help you a lot on the way to a purposeful life of simplicity.