6 Reasons Why Forgiveness is Best For You

We can’t change the past. What’s done is done.

But we have a hold on our future, which makes all the difference.

Forgiving someone does not mean that we are pushovers. It means that we are reclaiming our right to have a blessed life.

Here are six reasons why forgiveness is best for you:

1. Forgiveness heals.

By letting anger, hate, and bitterness go, we receive physical and spiritual healing. Harboring resentment stand in the way of wellness. Google bitterness and cancer if you don’t believe me.

2. Forgiveness gives us joy.

Unforgiveness makes us think badly of others, which takes away our joy. Many people waste years of their life in anger and disappointment when they could have lived them in joy.

3. Forgiveness helps us get unstuck.

Carrying the burden of hurt and hate paralyzes us from living a purpose-driven life. Once we have forgiven, suddenly there is more time for thinking good, productive, happy thoughts instead of negative ones.

4. Forgiveness takes away victim mentality.

As long as we have the mindset of a victim, we can never live our full potential. When we continue to blame someone else, we automatically give control of our life to that someone. Forgive, then walk away free.

5. Forgiveness teaches us to be realistic.

Don’t expect more from anyone. When we expect more, we set ourselves up for disappointment. Forgiveness keeps our expectations sensible. It also teaches us to be compassionate. Most people are doing the best they can at their own level of maturity and understanding.

6. Forgiveness gives us the opportunity to love.

By releasing forgiveness, we show love. God forgave us because He loves us. If God can do it despite everything we’ve done, we can also forgive others.