Success Without God

Then he said to Him, "If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here." - Exodus 33:15
Is it possible to experience success without God's presence in it? Yes. That is if success is more important to you than God. There could be times when you may choose your accomplishments over your relationship with Him.

In Exodus 33, God offered to send an angel to accompany the Israelites as they crossed into the Promised Land. 

At that time, nothing could stop them. No army could oppose them. Everything is set before them to take. They're not yet there, but it's theirs!

Only one thing would have been missing: God's presence.

God said they were so stubborn, He did not want to go with them as their hearts were far from Him.

This meant even our greatest victories and accomplishments are not indications of the presence of God in our lives.

We cannot always presume just because our businesses are profitable, or our health is better, or our ministries are growing, the presence of God is there.

It could be we have unintentionally chosen our successes over our walk with the Lord. 

In the passage, Moses wisely concluded there is no substitute for God's presence. Moses knew how quickly the achievements of this world could disappear.

Real success is having an intimate fellowship with God, something which will stay with us even when we're gone from this earth.

God's presence is the real blessing. No matter how much the world sees how successful you are - with big mansions, many cars, and lots of money in the bank - you cannot bring it with you when you die. 

Would you be satisfied with power and wealth without a real relationship with your Creator?

Is God more important to you than any other accomplishment you can make in this world?