God Can Change Everything In A Moment

In the Bible in John 2, Jesus is at the wedding celebration of some friends when the party runs out of wine.

Instead of wedding joy and bliss, this setback could have ruined the feast and damaged relationships. 

And as you know, you can’t make new wine fast. It takes time… a long time.

In fact the process of planting the seed, growing the grapes, harvesting them, producing the wine and then letting it age takes between five and seven years! And for the best wines it can take 30 years.

But in one moment Jesus accelerates this process and does in seconds what normally takes 30 years!

This is not merely a story about what happened a long time ago. It’s a picture of God’s love for you and how He wants to accelerate your life today!

If you’ll step out in faith, if you’ll believe God can do anything and stay faithful where you’re at, one day you’ll look up amazed and say, “I can’t believe I got here so fast!”

You may be facing disappointment, pain and setbacks today. Or even criticism from those you love. But don’t get discouraged. Adversity could be the very thing God uses to take you to new levels.

Remember, God can turn your life around in a moment and move you “further and faster” than you ever dreamed.