Friendship And Love

Writer's Note: With our old blog already closed, I'm republishing here an old Valentine's Day article so I can come back to it whenever I want to. Sharing this one to all of you. Blessings!

What is the distance between Friendship from Love? Shouldn't have any.

Both are not better without the other.

Love without Friendship is one-sided, while Friendship without Love is deception. These two should go hand in hand.

Friendship blooms on Love. Meaning, Love is so much better with Friendship added. And relationships don’t work very well without either.

I am in love with, or do love very much, the friend that I have in my wife. I am glad that’s the case, because I wouldn't want it any other way than how I have it right now.

Nights are shorter with her around. It was always not enough. We talk about everything --- books, films, music, cooking, NBA, poetry, the sea, God… the latest episode of No Reservations… everything and anything you can think of and can imagine.

10:00 pm is always the best time of the day for me… not breakfast, not writing corporate articles, not taking a bath, not shooting winning jump shots, not playing the guitar and singing with a crowd, not going home… the best is 10:00 pm, when I’m alone with my wife, a hot cup of tea, and our kids sleeping next to us.
Friendship is about being a friend, not having a friend. So it means that Love is loving rather than being loved.

This month is called the Love month, and it only makes me think of red roses, fancy restaurants, love letters, messages bent in fortune cookies, notes in bottles set adrift… I don’t have any of those, but kindness without expectation, that would be the gift.

What I’m only trying to say is --- be a friend to your wife, laugh with her, sing with her. Tell jokes, if she laughs before the punchline then you know she really loves you. It is good to be friends with someone you promised forever with.