7 Things To Do While Stuck In Quarantine

Staying inside our homes is said to be the best way to "flatten the curve" of this Coronavirus. However, that can become quite boring especially for those of us who were accustomed to seeing other people and being outside the house on a daily basis.

Nothing is more important than obeying our authorities at this point of our planet's history if we want this event to pass soon.

With that, here are seven suggestions we can do while stuck inside our homes during this Enhanced Community Quarantine:

1. Pray and Read the Bible. This is my most important suggestion. Continue to cultivate your personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. 

Praying provides us an avenue to unburden ourselves from stress, worries, and other anxieties inside our hearts and minds. Meanwhile, reading God's Word inspires and gives us hope during these times of uncertainty.

Staying positive and inspired is an additional benefit because it actually boosts our immune system in the process.

2. Reach Out to Friends. Being in quarantine doesn't mean we can no longer see our friends and loved ones. 

Today's technology allows us to reach out to them. Whether via video or audio call, it only takes a simple press of our smartphone's screens to connect with them.

Just be careful about using social media. It's better to use private meeting platforms such as Facebook Messenger or Zoom than using something that can be seen publicly, such as Facebook Live. You don't have to broadcast to the world your meeting's agenda, right?

3. Stay In Shape. Staying in shape is critical during home isolation. Most people forget about their physical health and unknowingly become couch potatoes during quarantine. This could have disastrous consequences to their overall well being.

Additionally, we will need to be in tip-top condition to remain prepared for any emergencies that might happen. We need our bodies to be conditioned to run, lift, push, or pull when the time comes.

Find practical ways to exercise at home. Aside from that, drink lots of water and have enough sleep every night. I'll have here some suggestions in future posts.

4. Read Books or Watch Video Podcasts. With all the time we have in our hands, this is the best time to learn and increase our general knowledge. 

Aside from reading your hard copy books at home, you can also try eBooks. A quick internet search will lead you to many of them. The same is true for video podcasts. Of course, there's YouTube. 

5. Have a Creative Outlet. It can be writing a blog online or a journal offline. Playing and mastering a musical instrument. Writing poetry or a novel. Making your own comic book. Drawing, cooking, painting, or making videos. 

I know there are many things you can think of. But the important thing is for you to create something valuable not only for yourself but for other people as well.

6. Plant Vegetables. This can be done whether or not you have the yard space to do it. You can search online on how to make a small vegetable garden inside the house. 

In this quarantine period, access to your own food source is fast becoming a necessity. 

You can start with simple and easy-to-grow veggies such as onions, garlic, and sweet potatoes. And then expand from there.

7. Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones. Of course, don't forget to spend actual, physical time with the loved ones who are with you at home. 

Watch your favorite movies or play board games together. Conduct a family Bible study or prayer time together. Or a simple round table discussion talking about how all of you are during this time of quarantine. 

There are still a lot more valuable things you can do to make the most of your quarantine time. If you have any other suggestions, kindly put them in the comments. 

This is just a simple reminder to not waste away our precious time just watching television and doing social media while stuck at home.