The Ultimate Love Language

Guest post by Denielle Tamayo

People are utilizing five love languages to communicate and receive affection to and from those they love. 

It can be one of the five, a combination of two, three or four, or even the whole five. These expressions assure us of the love we need and would like to give to the object of our affection.

It find it a great revelation when I discovered a sixth love language. Not only is this demonstration of love important in any relationship, I have come to realize it is the ultimate of all the love languages.

Before going to the sixth one, let me first enumerate the five. 

1. Words of Affirmation. There are some who find affirmation as an expression of love, both given and received. They compliment the person they care for deeply. 

Some feel loved when their other half praise them through encouraging words — may it be in the way they dress, their character, talents, accomplishments and everything that comes with that person.

2. Giving Gifts. Those speaking this love language shower their love ones with gifts or they feel loved when their partners give them presents. 

Gifts also come in other packages like going out for a movie together, that getaway to a very nice resort to relax, spa treatment or anything you can think of as a present. It does not necessarily need to be an item found in a store.

3. Acts of Service. Others find this as a wonderful expression of love to and from their mates. 

They find it really romantic when their partners cook for them, run errands for them, give them massages or vice versa.

4. Quality Time. Spending time with the person they love is the love language for some people. Not just quantity time but, more importantly, quality time.

5. Physical Touch. This is the language of PDA (public display of affection) fanatics. They like holding hands while walking, hugging, hair stroking or anything that involves physical contact.
My husband and I are walking in our 15th year of marriage. Learning these five love languages help us be sensitive to each other’s needs. 

I can say that we are blessed to have understood each other’s love language as early as the first few years of our marriage.

The Sixth Love Language

But when I learned of the sixth love language through a book my husband gave me, I was overwhelmed by how God is leading us towards His picture of marriage. 

According to the book, the ultimate love language is Prayer

Praying for someone lets us communicate our feelings in ways we don't normally do. 

When we pray for someone, God’s love grows in our heart for that person. We also find love growing in this person’s heart, without that person knowing we’re praying for him.

Even if our prayers are not uttered with completely selfless motives, our motives will become more unselfish as prayer continues. 

Prayer brings unity even if the person we’re praying for is not praying with us. 

When we ask someone, “How can I pray for you?” we bring an aspect of love and care in any given situation. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to be prayed for. You’ll be amazed at how people answer this question in detail.

The first five love languages require two individuals to make things happen. Prayer requires just one with willingness to seek the best for another. 

Knowing and applying our own love languages together with prayer would bring any relationship to the next level.