Living In The Present

“What is the best thing to do in the short life that God has given us? I think we should enjoy eating, drinking, and working hard. This is what God intends for us to do. Suppose you are very rich and able to enjoy everything you own. Then go ahead and enjoy working hard—this is God’s gift to you. God will keep you so happy that you won’t have time to worry about each day.” – Ecclesiastes 5:18-20, CEV

Isn’t it wonderful how God wants to keep us happy and away from sin?

Most of the pessimism that people experience in life is because of regrets and worries.

Regrets of the past and worries about the future.

There is no use being disappointed about the past because it is over and done. Whenever we are confronted by a sad memory, the best thing to do is to realize the lesson we got from it.

It does not make sense being anxious about the future either. Because no one knows for sure what tomorrow may bring. It is alright to prepare for the future, but worrying about the future? It’s a total waste of time.

God wants us to be happy and live in the present and trust in Him. If we trust God enough, then regrets and worries will abandon us.

The following are some practical tips on how to live in the present.

How to live in the present

1. Stop and breathe

Occasionally stop, sit still, and breathe slowly. Three deep breaths would usually do. Notice how the air moves in and out of your lungs. When you focus on your breathing, your mind goes back to the present moment and calms you down. It keeps you away from past frustrations and future concerns. Do it whenever you feel tensed or stressed.

2. Be Mindful

Be attentive where you are and in everything you do. Even in just the little things like washing the dishes or sweeping the floor, try to do it mindfully. When having a meal, eat slowly and savor the taste and aroma of the food. Our senses are gifts from God to take pleasure in all the moments of our lives.

3. Appreciate the moment

Thankfulness is a must-have virtue. If we are always grateful of who we are, where we are, and what we have, we will feel a great sense of happiness and contentment that will never be equaled by anything in this world. Thank God every day for life, for love, for family and friends.

You can Trust God

The Lord is faithful to those who give Him his full trust and confidence. So let us let go of a terrible past and move forward into the future with hope and courage that only comes from God.
“But the Lord watches over all who honor Him and trust His kindness.” – Psalm 33:18, CEV