How to Love Your Wife the Biblical Way - Growing To Become the Husband God Wants You To Be (Part 3)

Note: This is the continuation of my previous blog post, "Growing To Become the Husband God Wants You To Be (Part 2)," aimed to share some basic biblical knowledge to my fellow young husbands and/or husbands to be.

The Biblical Love

The biblical kind of love is based on God's love for us. It is called Agape love, which refers to the unconditional love of God for His created beings.

It is only through the understanding and comprehension of this Love that he himself had received from God can a husband begin to love his wife with the right motive and endurance.

Actually, it is the key for trustworthy love not only for a husband-wife relationship but in all our relationships here on earth.

If we can really understand how big, deep, and steadfast the love of God is toward each one of us individually, then we can also begin to release this love that we have received from Him to the people around us.

In other words, you cannot give what you do not have.

The Love of Christ

Christ's love for us is both perfect and undeserved, in which he loved us first that even before when we were still sinners he already died for us (Romans 5:8).

As husbands, this is also the kind of love that we should strive to achieve and give to our wives.

Loving your wife in the biblical way means:

1. You have to prefer her over yourself.

2. You have to show interest in her interests.

3. You have to encourage her with words of appreciation always.

4. You have to know how to brighten up her day spontaneously by being romantic and making her feel special (this needs a lot of research).

5. You have to spend time with her while having fun (make sure she is also having fun, not only you).

6. You have to listen with genuine interest to her concerns, whatever they are, and help her find solutions based on the Word of God.

7. You have to be sensitive if she needs help and don't wait to be asked.

8. You have to show nonsexual affection as well.

9. When it comes to making love, you have to seek her pleasure and satisfaction first before yours.

10. When she sins or is doing something that you think is not right, you have to confront her with love and genuine care and don't ignore and don't allow her to be mediocre.

11. You have to lead her spiritually and get her closer to God through your actions and the words you speak.

12. You have to pray for her as often as you can.

Regardless of your wife's attitude, manners, and behaviors, you are called by God to love her as He loves the church - with an unfailing, unconditional love that is loyal, trustworthy, and faithful.

Sooner or later time will come when we will stand in front of God and answer to Him how we have or have not loved our own wives in the way He wants us to.

I'm not saying that I've already perfected all the 12 items I enumerated above. Like everyone else, I'm also still in the process of maturity.