How to Stay Active

Regular exercise can make us feel happier. It doesn’t only make our bodies fit, but it also refreshes our tired minds and souls.

Medical studies suggest that exercise can actually help relieve stress as it causes the natural release of feel-good endorphins in the brain to give us a more positive attitude.

Exercise can also help us be more mindful. As we become conscious of the physical exertion, we are fully immersed in the present, pushing aside anxiety and depression.

For a happier and healthier life, here are some tips on how to stay active:

1. Set a consistent exercise schedule

It doesn’t matter when you prefer to do it, but setting a regular workout schedule will help you develop the habit. Exercise doesn’t have to be so strenuous especially if you are just starting out. A simple 30-minute daily walk around the neighborhood is enough to begin with as long as you are consistent.

2. Invite a partner or your friends

Make exercise a social activity to have more accountability. For example, you can ask your spouse to go with you for an early morning jog on weekends. Or maybe play some pickup basketball with friends. Hang out with people who share the same goal of having constant exercise.

3. Integrate exercise in your daily routine

This is done by creating small habits that add more physical activity. For instance, you can have a daily “standing work” time, where you stand while working with your laptop for at least 15 minutes. Another way is to park your car farther out from your destination. By doing this, you will give yourself an opportunity to walk more and burn more calories in the process. Or you can use the stairs instead of the elevator.

These are just some ways on how to stay active. You are welcome to add to these tips in the comments.