Importance of Budgeting

A budget could be one of the most effective ways to decrease anxiety, tension, and stress if done right with the right motive.

Some people do not see the value of having a budget, while others simply has no desire to discipline themselves with their spending habits. 

These days, only a few people take time to really create a personal budget, so it’s no wonder why so many are going through every day with fear, worry, and helplessness. 

They are living the “Wilderness” lifestyle – expecting miracles over and over again – instead of the “Promised Land” lifestyle, where they are faithful stewards of the financial blessings God has given them.

Our society has reached a point where people buy on impulse with no thoughts to the consequences. 

Sometimes, they know the consequences, but still has no self-control in choosing between what is better or worse. 

They just accept the outcome and say “Come what may, God is watching us.”

I’m not saying it’s wrong to trust the Lord to take care of us, because He certainly does. All the time. But that “Come-What-May” attitude is one of the major signs of having a “Wilderness” lifestyle.

Many people have no idea exactly how they spent a good portion of their money and from where did it come from. 

Having a budget will make a person accountable for the money he spends. 

The Bible says that everything on earth is from God and of God, and our financial blessings include that. He is the owner, and we are just managers. That’s why we have to be faithful stewards of the Lord.

It is important to note, though, that simply creating a budget is not enough. 

This in itself will do you no good, if you don’t have the discipline and self-control to stick to it. 

It will be very difficult, especially for someone who has gotten used to the “Wilderness” lifestyle of impulse spending without second thoughts. 

However, the long term benefits of financial freedom, debt free living, and the “Promised Land” lifestyle outweighs any potential difficulty.