Imagine talking to the most powerful person in the universe. And He cares about you. 

That’s what prayer really is. 

When we communicate with God, we do so on a one-to-one basis with no intermediary. 

We can be fully honest with ourselves and with God. You can’t fake a prayer, because the only one you would be cheating to is yourself.

Someone can’t simply mumble “I’m fine” when he’s alone in prayer with God. 

The realization that God has a clear understanding of who we are – and that He loves us anyway – gives us a humility that strips us of all pride and opens our heart to allow the Lord to change us. 

In reality, when we pray, we are the ones being changed. Not the circumstances or the people around us… but our own perspectives.

Try praying about the needs of others instead of yours. You will be surprised to find out how it greatly eases away any stress. How? Because when we focus upon the needs of others, our own needs become less of a focus and we become highly thankful of where we are in the moment.

Aside from breathing, pray. You can have “arrow prayers” all throughout the day. Short sentences of communication with God. Always remember, God never has a busy tone.