3 Absolutely Simple Ways to Improve Your Condition Now

There are times when we feel like the whole world is on our side.

Everything’s great, our loved ones are healthy and okay, our finances are doing fine, work is right on schedule.

But there are also some days that aren’t so great.

If you need a little push out from the negative cycle you’re into, here are 3 absolutely simple ways to improve your condition right now:

1. Be still and breathe. You don’t need anything but yourself in doing this. Find your comfortable spot and try sitting still for a moment. Don’t think about anything and just feel your breath going in your nose and out your mouth. Aaahh… very liberating.

2. Rest and sleep. They are the simplest and surest ways to improve your condition at any given moment. Stress comes from the inability to take away your self from a nagging negative thought. The secret here is learning to let go.

3. Say thank you. Being grateful gives us an instant spiritual and emotional boost. Appreciating the simple, amazing things in life, like being able to breathe, getting active, and communicating with others does wonders for our souls.

The world was not made for anyone’s convenience.

Life is supposed to be hard sometimes, because if not, we won’t learn a thing.

The Great Creator is in no obligation to single out any one of us out from among the billions of people on planet earth and exempt us from any untoward incident.

Bad things happen even to good people. Sometimes we need to experience the bad in order for us to really appreciate the good. Sometimes we need to become inconvenient to experience the blessing of calling on the name of the Lord.