You Cannot Have a Positive Life with a Negative Mind

The human mind is more powerful than we can imagine. Our thoughts influence our beliefs, feelings, and actions more than we know.

They rule what we are; in fact, we are what we think.

When thoughts are positive, life becomes hopeful.

When thoughts are negative, life seems depressing.

Ergo, you cannot have a positive life with a negative mind. The two just can’t go together.

You Have the Power to Choose

The good news is in us lies the ability to choose what we think.

Think of yourself as a winner, then you are a winner. Think of yourself as successful, then you are successful.

If you want to focus your mind on every problem, every criticism, every insufficiency, or every imperfection in this god-forsaken universe, then you can drag your way into living life waiting for better days to come.

Or you can choose to think clean, pure, noble thoughts, and stand up, be thankful, content, and encouraged.

It All Begins in the Mind

The battle begins in the mind.

If you’re struggling with negative thoughts, it’s essential to understand that your life will not change for the better until your thinking does.

It’s like a chain. What you think determines your beliefs; what you believe establishes what you feel; how you feel influences how you are going to act – everything is connected.

Controlling our thoughts is possible, in spite of what we were made to believe. Every time a negative thought comes into our mind, we can purposely replace it with a positive one.

It will take a lot of practice because as human beings we are naturally inclined to hang on to negative thoughts than to look at the advantages and opportunities.

Yet in time, as we repeatedly exercise, it can become our lifestyle.

This doesn’t mean that we become unrealistic about our circumstances or we don’t accept life’s less pleasant situations. It just means that we deal with all conditions, good or bad, in a positive and productive way. We think the best is going to happen, not the worst.

How to Think Positive

Every morning when you wake up, have some time to sit still and reflect on three things that are going well in your life. Doesn’t have to be something big, just something good.

Be thankful that you can still breathe, be quiet, and sit still in the moment. Appreciate the calmness and peace that comes with it.

Be gratified that you can run and walk. That your brain can send commands to your legs as you rise from your bed and move to the kitchen for a drink of water.

Be amazed that you can listen, talk, and communicate. What an awesome ability to be able to communicate freely and have deep intimate connections with other human beings.

Before bedtime, fill your mind with an appreciation for all the simple pleasures of the day that passed.

Fill your thoughts with the all the gladness and goodness that is your life.

Change the way you think and you can definitely change your life.