Don’t Forget to Sing

We can very easily be burdened with the tasks at hand.

Endless housework, financial insufficiencies, stressful jobs, demanding people, and a difficult ministry.

Complexities are often made more complex by relationship problems and that unwritten rule saying “the world is for the strong” and “only the fittest survive.”

In all this, we can easily begin to feel overwhelmed and burned out. Life becomes a burden; joy and happiness crawl out of our doorsteps.

Often times we respond to these circumstances by thoughtfully planning the next holiday to recoup our energies, only to find out that more things have to be done at home or at church when the holiday or vacation leave comes.

A more permanent solution, I suggest, is to plan a regular personal space for quietude and renewal in the midst of our busy lives.

As part of that renewal, we need to learn how to sing. In this case, when I say “sing”, I mean it can be singing without a sound.

Coffee, tea, or snacks with friends and family. Breakfast in the park. A special meal with your loved one, followed by an equally special “you know what.” Reminiscing with friends. A party for no reason at all except to celebrate each other’s presence. An evening of snacks while watching a movie at home. The list could go on.

“Singing” takes different forms for different people. But, in the midst of life, the most important thing is to not forget to sing.