Knowing Self

The more we seek God, the more we get to know Him.

Because of that the more we get to know ourselves.

If we come humble and mirror our lives in light of God’s Word, we can discover a lot about ourselves that may be hidden even from our own understanding.

Knowing One’s Self

Everyone is uniquely created by God. That includes you and me.

God is not going to ask me why am I not like so and so. He’s actually asking me why I am not more like myself.

That’s the reason why it’s painful to try becoming somebody else. It’s awkward and stressful.

Settling the issue of knowing one’s self involves two sets of ideas. First:
  1. I should build on my strengths and maximize them. 
  2. I should know my weaknesses and minimize them. 
And, one should avoid:
  1. Comparing. There will always be someone greater and lesser. We will either become proud or discouraged when we compare. 
  2. Copying. We’re all uniquely created. All different. God takes great delight in watching me be me. 
Life of Purpose

The Lord Jesus knew exactly who He was and what was His purpose here on earth. He constantly communed and communicated with the Father so that He can be focused on his mission.

In following Jesus Christ, we should do the same. Have constant communion and communication with our Father in heaven – so we can remain focused on who we are and what on earth are we here for.