Focusing on Christ Drives Away Self-Pity

Self-pity (a self-indulgent dwelling on your own sorrows or misfortunes) is harmful, but it is a choice. 

Let it go and move on. Don't trust your happiness in the companionship of other people but in Christ alone.

Every human being is prone to self-pity. We are born self-centered, with a powerful drive to protect our egos and our “rights.” 

When we decide that life has not treated us as we have the right to be treated, self-pity is the result. 

Self-pity causes us to sulk and obsess over our hurts, real or perceived, so be careful.

Self-pity breeds depression. Focus on God and His purpose for your life and you will feel loved and valued more than what other people can give. 

Self-pity is one of the signs of spiritual decline.

Anytime we are focused on ourselves other than Christ, we are in the territory of self-pity. 

As Christians, our confidence should be in God alone and not in men. 

When we indulge in self-pity, we have elevated our importance in our own eyes. We are thinking too highly of ourselves when we allow life’s hurts and injustices to dictate our emotional state.

Rejecting self-pity is not easy. We need to put our focus on Christ to succeed in fighting it away. 

Consistent praying, studying of His Word, gathering together with fellow believers, and testifying His goodness both in words and deeds ensures that we can take self-pity as far away from our minds and hearts as possible.