7 Life Clichés That Are All Lies

I’m sorry for such a bold headline, but these are just points that I’ve discovered in my own life.

I'm about to turn 39 in July, and I humbly admit that I’m still a long, long, long way in reaching my true potential – I still have a lot to learn is certainly an understatement.

For the purpose of listing them down and saving them for future reference, here are some clichés about life that I’ve come to realize as lies:

1. The best things in life are free. Oh, how I’ve heard this a million times! But in actually living life, I’ve found out that the best things actually have a cost. It is not only monetary, but it costs us our time, effort, and attention.

Whether it is spending more time with our family, having a beautiful marriage, a successful career, a healthy body, personal and spiritual growth, it will cost us our passion, hard work, discipline, and a lot of our love.

If we are willing to pay those prices, then the best things in life can be ours.

2. Promises are made to be broken. This is one cliché that I hate so much. Promises are not made to be broken – they are made to be fulfilled.

I hate those people who use this phrase as an excuse for their dishonesty and incompetence. Why overcommit and not just tell the truth?

If we make one, let’s make sure we will fulfill it. It is a measure of our character. If you're unsure, just don’t make any.

3. Experience is the best teacher. I don’t think so. If experience is the best teacher, then why do some of us make the same mistakes over and over again? Didn’t we learn?

Many times I’ve discovered that there are guideposts in life to tell us what not to do, and I’ve followed them which, I believe, spared me from a lot of harm.

One of these guideposts is the Bible or the Word of God. We can also learn a lot from the experiences and stories of others and from wise counsels.

We don’t have to experience something in order to learn about it.

4. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Wrong! Absence makes the heart forget!

If you love writing, try to not write for about five years and let’s see if you can write as good as before. That’s why my mentors say that if you really love writing, you have to do it every single day, daily (to emphasize).

A Filipino inspirational speaker I know once said that “working abroad is a huge risk if you are not going with your spouse.” I agree with him. I know so many couples cheating on each another just because they are a continent away, and I’m not happy or proud of that.

Whether in love, business, or any passion we have, we can only be the best if we are there. Our presence is important in developing a relationship or a career.

5. What you don’t know won’t hurt you. If this is true then why do people still succumb to preventable diseases? Sometimes those things that we don’t know are the things that hurt us the most.

How about bad habits, radiation from gadgets, carcinogens from the food we eat, microorganisms, and airborne toxins? These things hurt our health, emotions, relationships, and our finances with us unaware.

Just because we don’t know it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. We may not feel the pain but the damage is there just the same. Ignorance does not exempt us.

6. Try and try until you die. I’m all for perseverance, but I can’t agree with the dying part.

It really is courageous not to quit and keep on going, but if your spirit and common sense says that what you’re doing is against the laws of God, the laws of men, and is more of a burden for others rather than a blessing, then by all means stop whatever it is you are doing.

There’s nothing shameful about giving up when you realize that it is not the right thing to do, is not for you to do, or is not your purpose in life.

Sometimes it’s best to let go.

It is a waste if we keep on doing something which is not our calling. Let’s discover our true purpose in life and then be persistent in accomplishing it.

7. Sometimes you have no choice. This is a lie that we have been conditioned to believe ever since the first man and woman came into existence. The freedom to choose is one gift that we should be very thankful of.

Without a choice we are just things, instruments, robots without life, made to conform and just follow blindly.

But all of us, we do have a choice. We have the ability to understand, analyze, and discern. We have intellect.

If someone says he has no choice, he still has, he just chose not to choose.

If we have made bad choices, then we can make good ones to stand up again and move forward.

We always have a choice. Let’s use it wisely. If we don’t make choices, we practically allow others to make those choices for us.

How about you? What other life clichés have you found out to be lies? Please share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks.