5 Ways Happy People Think Differently

Being happy doesn’t come by chance.

It is a choice, whether to be happy or not.

Here are a few ways on how happy people think differently:

1. They refuse victim mentality.

Victim mentality is dangerous. It’s when someone is thinking that others, not himself or herself, is responsible for fulfilling his or her needs, and feels entitled and demand being taken care of.

They always complain and blame others for their circumstances. The secret agenda of all the blaming and complaining is to manipulate and control others to be responsible for them.

They are unable to fulfill their core survival needs, thus making them dependent on others to feel safe, feel good, and experience belonging and love. Like children, victims get very clever at manipulating others for their own gains.

People with victim mentality have low self-esteem due to the constant fear that the people they depend on might reject or abandon them.

2. They avoid comparisons.

Comparing our self to someone else is also dangerous. When we think we’re “better”, it gives us an unhealthy sense of superiority. Meanwhile, when we think we’re “worse”, we succumb to self-pity. No matter what, it’s lethal and unhealthy.

If we want to do it, let’s compare our self to an earlier version of our own self or to what we want to become in the future.

3. They always hope.

Happy people never lose hope. Even in the most terrible of circumstances, they feel that there’s always the possibility of a better tomorrow.

They always see every crisis, every failure, and every calamity as an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve.

4. They are thankful and they appreciate the moment.

Happy people are thankful for where they are and what they have. They appreciate simple pleasures like sitting still, being quiet, and breathing. They recognize the beauty of any situation.

Being thankful and accepting our self for who we are brings a deeper sense of happiness. It will be very difficult to be happy if we are not thankful for who we are.

5. They embrace change.

A person’s ability to adapt to change is an important trait. Worse, some are even afraid of change and afraid to take risks and step out of their comfort zones.

Nothing is more damaging to our happiness than our resistance to progress and change. Much of our joy in life comes from new experiences. And this is how we open doors for positive change.

Do you have more ideas on how happy people think differently? Please share them in the comments.