7 Things to Let Go for Peace and Quiet

There are many things that take away peace and quiet in our lives. Surprisingly, those that affect us more are mostly internal, meaning within us and in our control.

Some are easy to detect while others may take a while to discern because it has been embedded so much in our character.

Recognize these seven things so that you can let go of them and experience the peace and quiet you are longing for.

1. Worries. There is no greater stress-giver than worrying. It’s mind-clinging and nagging. But can worries ever change a situation? The answer is a resounding "no." That’s why Christ told us not to worry, and that life is more than food and clothes. Instead of worrying, let’s trust God, get up, and do something to improve our situation.

2. Expectations. How much of our stress, disappointments, frustrations, and irritation come from our expectations. We are not the king of the world and the world is not made for our convenience. We can’t control the actions of others, it is only ourselves that we have control over. Learn to appreciate inconvenience. Don’t expect on people.

3. Greed. Covetousness is like a hungry beast that is never satisfied. It stems from envy and insecurity and breeds selfishness and dishonesty. Being greedy is being discontented, and that gives us a lot of stress.

4. Comparing. Envy is the twin brother of greed. Avoid comparing yourself to others. There will always be someone greater and lesser. You will either become arrogant or discouraged if you compare and both saps peace and quiet in our lives.

5. Regrets. We've all been hurt in the past. But the fact is that the past is really just that, the past. It’s no longer. Move on and use it as a lesson learned. Life is too short, or too long, to live it with a lot of regrets.

6. Anger. Forgive. Forgive those who have offended you and forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made. Holding grudges and being bitter doesn't make anything better. Releasing forgiveness actually benefits us, because the one that offended us may have already moved on with his life while we still sulk in our own bitterness. As we forgive, we no longer define our life by how we've been hurt.

7. Need for Approval. We can’t please everybody, even Jesus can’t so let’s stop trying to get everyone’s approval. What others think is not important. The opinion of God, our Creator, is what ultimately matters.