Support Me On Patreon

Hi, guys! I just joined Patreon and would like to ask your support. Most of you don't know that my first love is writing fiction and I'd like to fulfill my dream of finally publishing my first novel thru it.

Also, I intend to use what I will earn from the said platform to support the therapy needs of my two children, who are both diagnosed with ASD. The therapy bills take a huge chunk of our family's monthly income and I will be grateful for any help you can extend by supporting me there. Thank you in advance. 

Here is an excerpt from my opening message in Patreon:
Why did I join Patreon?
My first love is writing fiction. I've written tons of work since I was a young boy but none of them have been officially published yet. I joined Patreon because my ultimate dream is still to become a fiction writer and hopefully earn my living through it.
How can you help me?
By becoming my patron, you will not only help me fulfill my dream to become a fiction writer, but you will also help fund the needs of my two children, who are both diagnosed with ASD. Putting them both in therapy is difficult here in the Philippines because there are no government subsidiaries on children like them. Most of what I earn go to their tests and therapies, which is about $300 a month.
What can I offer?
I plan to put here all the first drafts of each chapter of the novels that I will write starting with my first one called "Sometime in July". I wrote it 14 years ago but I'm recently re-writing it and thought that joining Patreon is an opportunity to make it better with the engagement of readers. I will very much appreciate your support, not only financially but also your suggestions, comments, and critiques with regards to my work.
At the moment, I plan to post one chapter every month.
I've already posted the draft of the first chapter of my novel "Sometime in July" for free. You can go check it out. 

Thanks again and see you all there! Blessings!