10 Tips on How to be a Positive Person - #2 - Make Positive Contributions

Note: In this series of posts, I will share 10 tips on how to be a more positive person. At the end of the series, I will gather them all together for a synopsis.
"It’s not the depth of your intellect that will comfort you or transform your world. Only the richness of your heart and your generosity of spirit can do that." – Rasheed Ogunlaru
One of the best ways to create more positivity in life is to make positive contributions to other people and the society in general. 

It’s ironic, but most of the time people who have given off the most positivity are also the ones who have received them thoroughly and have been benefited with a happy and fulfilled life.

Here are the steps on how to do it effectively:

1. Know your strengths
The first thing to do is to identify the things that you are good at and build on them. Focus on your strengths and continuously develop them. 

If you are good at writing, cultivate it by practicing daily and attending seminars that will give you more knowledge and improve your craft even more. The same is true for other creative skills such as painting, sculpting, composing music, video editing, and cooking. It's not only in the arts but also in sports and other vocations as well.

While there are so many things you can do to make a positive impression, you can create the most impact by using your natural talents and abilities. 

By doing what you love, you are not only more effective but you are also most fulfilled by it. Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction that comes from using your talents to affect positive change.

2. Discover your true calling

A calling is something that you are born to be and it is something that has to be discovered. You can do so by examining all your past experiences and noticing the direction where your life is headed. Usually, your strengths have something to do with your calling.

Your values and principles are guides in finding your calling and you should list them down. How aligned are these values in your life right now? Does your life reflect these values in a way that would have satisfied you? If not, then it is time to act on it right now.

3. Be generous in sharing

Once you have discovered your calling and cultivated your strengths, it is now time to use it for positive contribution. 

It is perfectly okay to make money out of your talents as there is no better way to earn than working as if you are not working at all. But never put earning money at the top of your priority list. Use your talents primarily to influence the world around you positively.

What is good about being generous with your talents is that, historically, people who had such a lifestyle are often the most successful, wealthiest, and most fulfilled persons who ever lived. For them, it is no longer about the money, but creating positivity that benefits everybody.

Key Idea: Contribute positively to the world using your gifts and talents. Find your true calling and be generous.

10 Tips on How to be a Positive Person