My Coffee and Me

Being in the moment is needed to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Be aware of the moment and feel the warmth of the cup.

Slowly, savor the aroma, taste the bitterness, sweetness, and appreciate the simplicity.

If you think about the past or worry about the future, then you will fail to see the joy in a cup of coffee.

It will pass you by and the coffee would be gone.

It also happens in life.

If you are not aware of the moment, you will look around and it will be gone.

You will have missed the feeling, the aroma, bitterness, sweetness, and simplicity.

The past is over. Move on and let go.

The future is not yet here. You can set plans, but worrying would only be a waste time.

Thinking about what happened and worrying about what may never happen only brings you away from the present moment.

Replace regrets and worries with thankfulness. The present is the only real thing right now.