After Minimizing, Now What?

Minimalism shouldn’t be an end, but only a means.

After all the challenges, decluttering, paring down of possessions, sticking to a limited wardrobe, living without cars, cellphones, and the Internet, what’s next?

There is this person I know who didn’t have that many stuff. At face value, should be a classic minimalist.

He seemed to be wearing the same clothes week after week after week, doesn’t have a car, cell phone, and tv. He doesn’t have that much to do either and seems to have all the free time in the world.

Despite this lack of material possessions and activities, the guy is depressed and a loner. He sees himself as very unfortunate, poor in the eyes of many. He stands with no confidence, doesn’t want to talk to anyone, and is stricken with self-pity.

Minimalism became an end, not a means.

Much more important is pursuing things that benefit our life and others.

Much more important is having a more productive life, a happy life, one with purpose and lasting impact.