A General Guide on Mindfulness (Infographic)

Note: This is a second guest post from my friend Catalin Zorzini of matcha-tea.com.

Are you checking your phone obsessively? Are you walking down the street lost in thoughts about tomorrow morning’s office meeting? Or probably you’re still thinking about yesterday’s fight with your best friend? Well, then you’re not in the moment. You’re either in the future or in the past. Your mind is somewhere else, although your body is firmly anchored in the present.

When was the last time you noticed the blooming trees in the park? Or enjoyed the warmth of the sun caressing your cheeks? Or noticed how amazing the soil smells after a summer rain? I know, many questions, but you’re in luck because we’ve got some answers too.

You don’t need to get a diploma in mindfulness, and you don’t have to go to a special place to practice it. You simply need to bring your mind and body together. Now. Here. This second.

This mindful infographic created by matcha tea will lead you through the basics of mindfulness, without forgetting where it all started and how far it got in a short period of time. From the apps to help you start your mindful practice to the wise humans who brought it to the hectic nowadays. Enjoy!

Catalin Zorzini is a writer at matcha-tea.com. Check out the said infographic here.