Completing What We Started

I’ve always wondered about incomplete endeavors.

There are so many who just begin and begin but never finish anything.

And, yes, there are times that I, too, am guilty of this.

It seems like the courage to initiate is there, but the resolve to persevere wasn’t.

It’s not just about big things like accomplishing an important war mission, concluding a first novel, completing a building or infrastructure, staying in a marriage, or starting a business.

It’s also about the little, everyday, mundane things.

Drinking coffee

For example, drinking coffee.

For instant coffee we start by emptying a sachet in a cup, pouring hot water, stirring, then enjoying the cup of coffee. So many fail to complete the ordeal by leaving the cup on the sink. Washing it completes everything up, does it?

Washing clothes. For machine wash, we start by sorting clothes, loading them, putting detergent, putting water, washing, then drying. Folding them neatly and placing them on proper closets would finish the task, but few does that to the end.

Brushing teeth. We start by picking up the toothbrush, putting some toothpaste, brushing, then rinsing. Complete it by also rinsing the toothbrush and placing it back to its proper place.

Mindfulness - being in the moment

I just think that this simple habit of completing anything we start is not just for neatness or organization, but is a good practice of mindfulness. Being aware of the present and what we are doing, instead of just rushing on from one activity to the next, careless, confused and irritated.

We can use the completion of these simple tasks as a reminder to be thankful that we are not only alive but that we are contributing something to the world and the people around us.

We can learn to appreciate our circumstance, where we are and what we are doing, in the present.

When we are mindful of the present, everything takes on a different perspective. Problems become smaller, worries become weaker, because we realize that all is well right there where we are.

You don't have to complete everything?

This concept is true when it comes to being in the moment and mindfulness. But I’ve also learned that there are times when you don’t have to complete something you started.

When you begin to realize what you are doing is wrong and that it is not going anywhere – when it doesn’t put you in your path of purpose – then there is no need to complete it. Stop, gather your bearings, regroup, re-plan, and try something new again.

I hope and pray that we all have the wisdom to determine when to stop something or see something through its completion.