My Story

Hi, I’m Raymund Tamayo. I'm a 39-year-old husband of one loving wife and a father of two wonderful kids. 

I’m a freelance writer, author, blogger, and minimalist.

My twitter handle is@raymundtamayo and you can also find me on Facebook.

I authored a book called “Simplify Life… and Make it Count” available in Amazon and CreateSpace.

I don’t want this to be too long so I’ll get to the point: It is my conviction that it is my divine calling to inspire and motivate others thru my writing. I’m sorry to sound spiritual because I am. And I thought it’s better to be honest right from the start so you can have fair judgment and expectations about me.

Why I believe I can be an asset and what motivates me to do this? Because I believe with all my heart that this is what I was born to do. This is what I am called to do, my purpose.

Most of the time, I write about minimalism and living a life of purpose.

I don’t claim that I’m a perfect writer because I’m still growing in that aspect. But I’m not afraid to ask questions and am able to learn from my mistakes. I’m aware that everyone is in the process of growth and improvement… for as long as we are alive.

This is me in a nutshell.

(If you’re interested in my long background story, read on. If you’re not, it’s okay.) :)

Right now, it’s no secret that I’m into simple and focused living.

It wasn’t always this way until that one cold day in January 2010 when I realized that I will die too soon if I continued with the way I was living.

It was a time in my life: I was happily married with a darling 4-year old daughter, serving in a local Christian church, working for a respectable corporation, living a typical middle-class life. You know, the way an average guy is expected to live.

Although life is good, I always felt stressed, confused, and overwhelmed. I drove home every day with my eyes half-closed. There was too much stuff in my life. Too many commitments, too many responsibilities and things to do.

Ever since, I wasn’t someone who chased after riches. My current paycheck can testify to that. But what I was chasing was the affirmation of everyone. I couldn’t say “no” to anyone. I was a people-pleaser, so even if I couldn’t handle it anymore, I still accept the load and try. I was always there to save the day, ala-Superman.

Of course, the results were mediocre all the time, or we can say less than excellent because I couldn’t give my 100 percent on anything. Living in a multi-tasking environment resulted in an existence of mediocrity that began damaging my self-esteem.

And to ease the pressure and cope up with my draining sense of worth, I turned to shopping, television, and food for comfort and relaxation. I get a temporary high whenever I buy or receive a new shirt, new watch, new jacket, new anything. The crisp smell of something new was enough for me back then to feel that my life amounted to something and that I was a better person. Even when I didn’t have enough money, I would find a way to get something new to fulfill my desire for meaning.

Together with my wife, we would sit in front of the TV from the time I get home till half past midnight, with chips, bottomless soda, and other greasy snacks. It was a nightly event, which resulted in my blood sugar going up and me being 40 pounds overweight.

Because of that, I couldn’t wear most of my clothes, which filled three whole closets. These are the same clothes that I bought in an attempt to get me out of my miserable situation. We’re wasting money on things we don’t need and on things that only give us temporary enjoyment but lasting evils.

It was a time in my life.

It was in this saturation point when everything in my life seems to be going down the drain that the realization came. Something has to change.

I need to simplify my life.

I talked to my wife and told her what I was thinking and feeling. She liked the idea and supported me 101 percent.

It was not an easy process. First to go was our cable TV. My possessions and wardrobe were examined next and pared down. We decluttered all the drawers and rooms in our house. I also decluttered my office workspace and streamlined the way I work. My commitments and activities took a hit, too, as I learned to say “no” politely. I even cleared myself of unhealthy habits.

All excesses were stripped off and once again, after a long time, I was feeling the lightness of simplicity in my daily ordeals. There are still stresses, but no longer unnecessary.

Now, I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t need TV programs anymore. I regard a quiet walk along the beach as first class entertainment. If I can simply be with my wife and kids, or quietly read a good book, or laugh with friends over coffee, I consider myself extremely blessed.

Last October 2013, I resigned from my job of 10 years to finally pursue my passion and purpose: inspiring others thru writing.

It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but also the most liberating.

Believe it or not, it was the only risk I’ve ever done in my life. And I find myself excited learning how it feels like to take a risk.

It’s empowering!

Now, step by step, I’m moving closer to my dreams! However unreasonable, too big, or uneconomical they may be. 

I’m shutting down these voices in my head saying that I can’t and it’s impossible.

I only have so much time in this world, and I want to spend it where it counts. On being the person I was born to be. Bent on fulfilling my purpose, and living a life of lasting impact.

This is who I am now and, of course, you will get to know me more along the way.

Welcome to Minimalist on Purpose.