Belief is Not Enough - Actions are Needed

Where there is progress, there are actions.

It may have started with a clear belief, but actions get the ball rolling.

Now, belief is very important. It’s where our reality begins.

Beliefs serve as the core truth and foundation of one’s life. From beliefs, all values and decisions of a person well up.

But it is never enough if we want to accomplish our purpose.

Action is Needed

When we want to achieve something, reach a goal, or make a dream come true, it is very important to understand that nothing is ever completed until massive actions are taken.

I believe that Europe exists. But whether I believe that Europe exists or not has no bearing on my life.

Until I decide to turn my belief into action and actually go there, that is.

Our belief needs to become active. It needs to be converted into necessary actions for it to manifest.

One must be decisive, and continue to take appropriate actions, to create a desired outcome.

One must focus all his beliefs, thoughts, words, feelings, energy, and passion into becoming a reality.

Make certain that you channel this burning desire into specific action steps in alignment with your desired goals, and continue moving forward, step by step, with carefully planned actions.

Kick Fear Out of the Door

Some people have an unwavering belief in what they can do and could be, but possess deep-rooted fear in going out of their comfort zones and taking action, choosing to play safe and settle to live mediocre lives.

Unless you are ready to accept the inconvenience of stepping into the unknown, to actually take actions on what you believe and stop living according to the beliefs of others, you will never realize your full potential.

If you study the most successful persons in history, you will notice that all did great actions that accompanied their immovable convictions.

Challenge yourself and begin each week by writing down three to five action steps towards your goals that you will commit to doing for the next seven days.

They should be both achievable and a contributing factor to the goals you wanted to achieve.

Stop Waiting to be Picked

Have you pursued your beliefs and convictions and aligned them with your daily routine? How much longer will you wait until you do what you’ve always believed you must do?

There’s no better time to start than right now.

If you’re putting it off until the perfect time comes, guess what? It will never come!

Stop putting it off for later, because later often becomes never.

Take action now!