The Importance of Passion

Passion is something that you do even when you are not getting paid. 
It is what the deepest soul in you loves to do. 

It is something that when you do it, it’s as if time has stopped. You forget time; time is inexistent as you are lost in happiness and amazement, in obsession, of the task at hand.

If you have anything to learn in this short and temporary life on earth, this is it: Don’t continue doing anything if you didn’t have the passion for it. 

It would only be a waste of time as life is too short for you to settle on something that doesn’t make you grow or give you joy. 

Without passion in what you do, you will never be able to live a happy, peaceful, fulfilled, and complete life.

Passion vs Responsibility

Now, this is not to say that you should forego the basic and important things in life like paying the bills, taking care of your kids, doing house chores, or brushing your teeth. 

These are responsibilities that you have to do not only for yourself but for others. The point is to not go on with your life settling for the good and not the great.

Greatness and Opportunity to Gain Wealth are Linked with Passion

Your greatness is usually linked with your passion. 

The most exciting opportunities for you to create wealth are mostly tied with your passion. 

Whether it is writing, painting, cooking, sewing, or even something that involves sports, there is always something that is waiting for you to achieve.

You have to examine yourself, your values, and your passions and align them to your daily routine and habits. 

What do you think are your passions? Most probably there is a millionaire right now who is doing what you most love to do.

Anything is Possible

In this highly-advanced internet age when you could reach the whole world with a few strokes on the keyboard and some clicks of the mouse, anything is possible. 

Get a paper and pen and list down your top 3 to 5 passions in life. Ponder on them. 

These are tools you can use for a happier, more fulfilling and a more meaningful life.