How to Keep a Healthy Spiritual Life

The sixth area of man’s holistic nature, aside from the physical, mental, emotional, social, and financial, to be developed for a life of true wellness and happiness is spiritual. 

When you grow and improve your spirituality, the feeling of emptiness within your soul is filled. 

You experience hope, joy, comfort, and peace when your spirit is strong and healthy.

While it is an advantage to be a part of a religious community, you don’t have to get involved in a large organized religion to develop your spiritual life. 
Spirituality is different from religion in the sense that it is something personal and private. 

Being part of a religion is a great way of meeting people with the same beliefs that you have, but spiritual maturity is much more than religion.

Your Innermost Being

Spirituality is found deep inside your innermost being. 

It is something that is so ingrained in you that sometimes you are not conscious that your spiritual life is already lacking attention.

The common signs of a poor spiritual life are irritability, hopelessness, depression, uncontrolled sadness or gloominess, and a feeling of hollowness inside that you can’t seem to explain.

How to Improve Your Spiritual Life and Keep it Healthy

Here are some simple tips on how to grow into spiritual maturity:

1. Get in touch with nature. Nature has its way of stimulating and refreshing our falling spirituality. 

Take a walk by the beach or along a forest path. Eat a meal outdoors. Enjoy the sun by playing a sport under it. The bottomline is turn off your digital gadgets and do anything to reconnect with nature.

2. Create a consistent spiritual routine. A daily quiet time of reflection and meditation can do a lot of wonders for you spiritually. 

A few minutes is enough, but the more time you do this, the more spiritually energized you can become. 

Clearing your mind and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life revives the spirit and lets it come back to the most important aspects of life.

3. Always be thankful. Try to always focus on the positive things around you. 

The mere fact that you are still breathing is something to be thankful about. A grateful heart is a happy heart, so take advantage of it.

4. Forgive anyone for anything. Forgiving is something you do for yourself, not for anyone else. 

When you forgive, you are freeing yourself from the burden of the pain that another person has caused you. This is very important for a healthy and happy life. 

When you withhold forgiveness, you are only hurting yourself, as you are still affected by what happened years ago while your tormentor has already moved on since then. 

Be quick to forgive anyone who has caused you trouble and experience the joy and strength that instantly comes from it.

5. Pray and worship. Do you believe in a higher being or a deity? Scientific studies suggest that praying and worshipping to one’s personal deity improves brain function and blood circulation. 

It also creates spiritual lightness on the person who is performing it, which means all negative burdens are eliminated. 

Do this every day, many times a day, and not only your spiritual life but your whole life will drastically improve.

Christian Spirituality

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