10 Ways Happy People Think Differently

Have you thought about why an athlete who had just lost a championship game can still smile and congratulate the winner? 

Why some people have the audacity to express their individuality regardless of the negative comments around them? 

Why truly successful people don’t really care about success in the first place? 

Why someone who had just lost a loved one will grieve for a while and then move on with life doing greater things than ever before?

Some people have these qualities inborn while others have learned to develop them during the course of their lifetimes. 

The path may not be the same for everyone, but the important thing is to have learned it and applied it in life.

Have you ever wondered why some people are just damn happy?

It is because they think differently. 

Here are some of the ways how:

1. They reject victim mentality.

Victim mentality is dangerous. 

It is when a person thinks that his happiness, needs, and fulfillment is the responsibility of another person and not of himself. 

A symptom of this kind of mindset is non-stop complaining and blaming of others for his situation. 

The devious objective of all the whining and accusing is to manipulate others to be responsible for his welfare.

People with victim mentality suffer from over dependence. 

They are not capable of fulfilling their own core survival needs, that’s why they rely on others for safety, assurance, belongingness and love. 

They are like children, very crafty at controlling others for their own advantage.

People with victim mentality have low self-esteem, which make them always afraid that the ones they depend on will disregard and leave them.

2. They are their own standards.

Happy people don’t compare themselves with others. 

They understand that everyone is living his own life and walking on his own path. 

Happy people focus on their own growth and development and on their own mistakes to try and improve more.

Same with victim mentality, comparing yourself to others is also dangerous. 

When you think you’re better than someone, it gives you an unhealthy sense of power. 

Meanwhile, if you think you are worse, you fall into self-pity. 

Either way is not good, so just avoid comparisons.

3. They don’t need approval from others.

Happy people don’t care about pleasing other people

They follow their passions and don’t let naysayers dampen their spirits. 

They know that it’s impossible to please everybody and are not concerned about how others define them. 

Why should you want to please a person who doesn’t care for you anyway?

Most critics don’t really care that you’re alive. 
They just live to condemn others about things they can’t do themselves. 

You can listen to advice and suggestions, but never seek anyone’s approval.

4. They are grateful of the moment.

Have you ever appreciated where you are at the moment

Have you ever been thankful for all that you have right now? 

Happy people are always thankful and appreciative of the present. 

They rarely look back at the hurts of the past, and they don’t fear the future. 

They enjoy the quietness of mornings and warmth of a coffee cup.

You may spend a lot eating out, but if your mind is somewhere else – regretting the past or wondering about the future – then you can’t enjoy what you are eating at all. 

But even if you just cook a simple meal and really savor it, tasting every bite, you will find happiness unlike ever before.

5. They easily forgive.

Happy people forgive easily and quickly

They realize that such negative feelings are only baggage on their life journey. 

They forgive, forget, and walk away free. That’s powerful.

Holding a grudge disables you. 

It induces worries, stress, and depression. 

Once you release forgiveness, you will feel negative energies suddenly leave you, freeing you to do good, productive, and happy things in your life. 

Why let someone who has hurt you continue to do so?

6. They don’t sweat the small stuff.

Happy people don’t concern themselves on petty things.

Even big things that they know they don’t have any control of

They understand that life is too short to be burdened by trivial things, and not everything is made for their convenience.

7. They speak well of others.

And don’t think ill of them as well. 

Happy people are happy with the success of others. 

They are not envious or jealous because they know that they are already perfect by themselves. 

Having the ability to share with the triumphs of others is a powerful attribute to increase happiness fast.

8. They contribute positively to other people’s lives.

Happy people are more than welcome to help others. 

Because they know they’re complete, they focus in providing solutions to other people’s problems. 

By providing solutions, your attention shifts from self-pity into self-sufficiency.

Have you noticed that people who are needy and dependent are always the losers? 

They can’t do anything but sulk when the person they are depending on doesn’t want to help them anymore.

If you are the one providing help, that means they need you, and you are the winner. 

You are in control because you can live and go on without them. 

They can’t be mad at you because they are the ones who need you. 

If they hate you and don’t want to see you again, then good riddance.

9. They never lose hope.

Happy people never lose hope. 

Even in their lowest circumstances, they realize that there is nowhere to go but up. 

They always see every crisis as an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve.

10. They welcome change.

And readily accept those that cannot be changed. 

A person’s ability to adapt is a powerful trait. 

Nothing is more damaging to your happiness than trying to be in control of everything. 

You are not all-powerful to make everything better, so why try and bear that accountability? 

Instead of wasting your time resisting change and changing what cannot be changed, focus on what is in your control. 

Accept that life isn’t fair and you will achieve the peace and happiness you have been looking for.