Do You Want To Be Happy Right Now?

Do you want to be happy right at this moment? 

Consider the following:

1. Be grateful

Gratefulness goes a long way in experiencing happiness. 

Be grateful daily for life, for another day and another opportunity to be alive. 

Be grateful for your loved ones, your friends, your mentors, your boss – everyone. 

Even the ones who stretch your patience, they too have a purpose for existence (if only to build your character.)

2. Be content 

But never limit yourself on what you can become. 

True joy is in the doing, not in the getting what you want. 

Realize that stuff only brings temporal happiness.

Lasting joy is found in a life of meaning.

3. Be appreciative

Enjoy the quietness of mornings. 

Pay complete attention to your coffee while you sip it.

Go outside, be active, run or walk, and take pleasure in nature. 

These are natural creations that the digital generation has been slowly ignoring.

4. Be loving

Love people more than stuff.

Prioritizing stuff will not give you happiness. 

In fact, it will have the exact opposite effect as acquiring tends to result in always wanting more. 

Do you remember the time when you have finally bought that latest mobile phone that you craved, then after a few months when a newer phone was out, you want to buy the newer one too? 

Prioritizing stuff breeds discontent. But if you prioritize people, you can find genuine happiness. 

Plus, people respond with the same love. Gadgets don't.

5. Be understanding

Especially toward yourself. No one is perfect and everybody makes mistakes.

Everyone's flaws are there for a reason and they make us who we are.

The important thing is to learn and to try not to commit the same mistakes again.

6. Be in the moment.

This may seem a little thing to practice, but it’s the key to a life of happiness. 

Try it now. Sit and be still. Empty your mind of everything. Feel your breath coming in and going out of your body. 

Most people tend to take this gift for granted. Being in the moment can transform your life. 

Being in the moment takes you back to the present and remind you that you are still here.

Happiness is right now

It is not in some faraway destination that is impossible to reach. 

It is not the target, it is the bow. 

Happiness is in the journey and it is right now. 

Choose happiness now and you will be happy indeed!

True and lasting happiness comes from within you and not on external things. 

Unlike disappointments which are beyond your control, the good news is happiness is within yours.