The Secrets to Happiness

Do you want to know the secrets to happiness?

Actually, they are not secrets. It just seems that way because most people have repeatedly ignored these principles. 

Some are searching for happiness in all the wrong places. Funny, but true.

There is a quote from Augustine of Hippo that summarizes the principles of happiness:

“Men go abroad to wonder at the height of mountains, the huge waves of the sea, the long course of rivers, the vast compass of the ocean, the circular motion of the stars… but they pass by themselves and they don’t even notice.”

People are attempting to reach happiness by looking for an external source – by way of pleasure, romance, money, fame, and possessions. 

Yet, the truth is this: to achieve happiness, one only has to look within himself.

Principle #1: Happiness is your choice.

You are as happy as you choose to be. 

You won’t find it in wealth and success. You can’t request it from other people. You can’t discover it in anything external. It is internal. 

It is your choice. You are holding the keys to your own happiness.

Yes, happiness is your choice. And you can choose it right now. 

You can close your eyes right now, breathe, and decide: Today, I will be happy.

But you don’t choose just once. 

You choose it every minute of every day. 

It means a thousand choices. A million choices. A billion choices. All day long. Every day, every week, and every year of your life. 

It means being mindful of the choices you make. Every time.

The principle is so simple, yet something so estranged from ordinary people.

If you are a little surprised with the first secret, then the second one will be shocking.

Principle #2: Being happy with yourself is the foundation of all of life’s happiness.

You may be thinking, “I thought happiness is only real when shared? Then why is being happy alone the basis of all of life’s happiness?”

Unless you are capable of being happy alone, you can’t be happy being with anyone else. 

People who are happy with themselves are more friendly and true. They are more confident, have more initiative, and recover from failure faster.

If you are not happy with who you are... your looks, hair, height, weight, chin, intelligence, mannerisms, weaknesses, doubts and fears – yes the whole you – then it’s hard to be happy about anything.

Once you realize that you are already fine as you are, many things will change. 

You will no longer feel disappointed with who you are and with your life. 

You will no longer compare yourself to other people. 

You will no longer worry about what others have to say. 

You will stop accumulating and become more generous. 

You will stop spending so much money on things that will supposedly give you happiness. 

Why? Because you are complete and are already happy with yourself! How liberating is that!

Being whole

It is ironic, but if you feel complete on your own, if you don’t need someone else’s validation to be happy, if you can survive on your own, if you don’t need someone else’s companionship because you already have the best company in the world (yourself), then it will be easier for you to actually be happy in someone's company.

Why? Because you are whole. 

Being whole means you are not insecure. 

You aren’t worried too much if someone is going to leave you. Sure, it would be a great loss when someone you love abandons you, but you’d be fine on your own.

You will survive, be happy, do great and wonderful things, even without this person. 

Because your happiness is your choice, and not someone else's.

That’s not to say you don’t want anyone to stay in your life. It’s just that you aren’t always fearful of the possibility of being left alone.

Because you are actually not alone even when you are all by yourself.

God is always with us everywhere we go. He is the source of our wholeness, completeness, and happiness.

You will never be alone because you have God.

Being happy with yourself

When you choose to be happy and are ha
ppy with yourself, you’re not dependent on anyone or anything for happiness. 

You are happy on your own. 

Insecurity, jealousy, and dependency don’t promote a good, happy, and healthy relationship.

The Secrets to Happiness

These are the secrets to happiness: choice and independence. 

If you master these two, then you are on your way to not only a happy life, but a fruitful and victorious one.