Your Life is Your Message

Each of us lives a life that communicates who we are and what we believe in. Everything we do, everything we are, expresses.

We can be very good speakers. Those talented enough are even successful to cause change in people, even though temporary.

We can be very good in giving advice. Although seldom do we apply ourselves what we counsel.

We can be very good in looking at other people’s mistakes. Though the first mistakes we should be looking for, and changing, is ours.

The point, and one we hear over and over again, is this: Actions always speak louder than words.

Think about this. What message are you giving to the world:

  • through your actions?
  • by how you live?
  • by how you treat others?
  • by how you manage and take care of your family and resources?
  • by what you do and accomplish?
  • by who you choose to be every moment of every day?

Is your life an angry heavy metal song? A blank sheet of paper? An unfinished sculpture?

Perhaps an epic poem? A relaxing, feel good movie? Or an inspiring word from heaven?

Your life is your message. What do you want it to say?

Our life is a gift from God that we can use to inspire others for His glory and honor. Or we can just misuse it.

Remember that whatever you say is meaningless if you don’t apply it in your life. Words are empty without corresponding action.

Be careful in anything you decide to do, and in everything you are doing right now. 

Because your life is your message.