Top 10 Minimalist Living Tips - #6

Note: In this series of posts, I will share the 10 most valuable minimalist living tips that I have learned in the past four years. These guidelines are helping me a lot in my continuous walk in the path of simplicity, and I would like to share them with you. At the end of the series, I will gather them all together for a synopsis.

Minimalist Living Tip #6: Do less to do better.

I learned this lesson specifically from Courtney Carver’s blog, Be More with Less.

According to Courtney, you have to do less things if you want to be more productive.

Sounds ironic, but this principle has really worked on me.

Before, I had tons of goals and sub-goals listed down every beginning of the year. Of course, most of them are not achieved as scheduled and some are not completed at all.

While there are a few who get accomplished, the quality of the results had suffered much because I was trying to do too many things at the same time.

I used to be an avid multi-tasker. But I've learned that it has adverse effects not only on my performance and the quality of my work, but also on my health.

Right now, I only craft three goals every year. I would have wanted to have just one goal, but I decided to settle for three.

Doing so brought more power, focus, and impact on the life that I was trying to live.

It made me accomplish more meaningful things.

It decreased the overall stress that I was feeling.

It gave me clarity in life that I've never experienced before.

From Courtney herself in her blog, here is the greatest secret to productivity:

“Doing less will help you accomplish more.

We have to start by redefining productivity, because the current definition is clearly broken. When was the last time you finished everything? What was the last time you thought, 'I’m so productive that I got it all done' and didn't have to wake up and do it all over again?

We mindlessly add things to our lives and rarely subtract without great intention. It’s time to make an extensive edit list to clear away the things that really don’t matter. Look at your work, your life and your relationships and consistently edit to make room for the things that matter most.”