Three Things I Know to Be True

Note: This post was inspired by Jeff Goins and Sarah Kay.

Jeff always has a way to inspire my writing, and this post he wrote three years ago about the three things that he knows to be true did it again.

On the other hand, it was my first time to hear about Sarah Kay, and this video inspired me a ton.

Writing poetry had always been my secret passion, and all those who knew me, intimately, knows how I can express myself in that way.

Anyway, as Jeff suggested, here are the three things I know to be true.

One: We are here for a purpose.

Jeff and I are the same on this one. It’s true when Sarah said that when asking other people this question, sometimes you will encounter a person with the same belief as you.

I am with him that life is not meaningless, and no one is here just to take up space and consume. And that while we are all incredible and magical, we are all terribly imperfect as well. Which is great because it keeps us grounded and determined.

Two: Each of us is unique.

We are all unique, and that’s why I always remind myself not to be quick to judge.

We are all unique, so we don’t have to follow anyone’s path, except ours.

We can learn a thing or two from the paths of others, but there is no single path that is perfect for everyone and all.

Each of us has a different story to say, and we all have our own ways to say it, which makes this world better than what we actually believe.

Three:  Happiness is only real when shared.

This is something I learned from the late Christopher McCandless. And from the moment I came across this quote, it stuck.

Ever since then, I knew that if I want real happiness in my life, I had to work on all my relationships because I believe that I need to have people to share it with.

For me, nothing matters whether I achieve all my goals if I’ve only done it for myself.

We need each other to make this world a little bit better before we leave it. We need to share whatever it is that we have: time, talents, and happiness.

Because if not, then everything just doesn’t make sense. Really.

These are my three things, and I will be glad to know what are yours.

Please write a comment or leave a link to your blog. I’m looking forward to connecting with you. Because happiness is only real when shared.