We Are What We Believe

Our beliefs shape the way we live. And our lifestyle resolves our purpose.

Our beliefs about what is possible and impossible are shown in what we do, and our actions drive us to what is ahead.

Our beliefs influence our habits and daily routine, and what we do every day is who we are going to become.

Everything we have been doing and are still doing can be tracked back to all the beliefs we held about everything in the world around us.

Belief is an idea that a person acknowledges as truth. It comes from one’s own observations, experiences, and reasoning.

That is why belief is so powerful. What we believe becomes our truth, and we base our behaviors on what we believe is true.

For example, when you believe that life is unfair, you may just settle into mediocrity and not try to do anything worthwhile.

When you believe that life is beautiful, but short, you will tend to prioritize what is most important.

Without belief, it is impossible to obey, impossible to accomplish anything, and impossible to reach our full potential.


Unfortunately, most of the time our beliefs about ourselves come from the judgments of other people.

What they say about us, what we think they are saying, and what we ponder on after we have known what they are saying affect how we see ourselves.

The attitude of pleasing other people is unhealthy and can lead to a lot of unhappiness. We can choose to ignore these self-limiting voices and believe what we want to believe.

More emotional than mental

Belief is more emotional than mental. And because the emotional nature is far tougher than the mental, it strengthens us. This is the reason why debates or other intellectual arguments rarely change beliefs.

Belief resides in the heart and not the mind. Belief being in the heart means that unwavering belief inspires courage.

Thus to achieve our goals we need to pay more attention to how we feel and draw strength from it. What we believe will become our reality, sooner or later.

The key element to success

This is the key element to success (or failure): belief.

The foundation of success of many great men and women is their persistent belief in themselves. They believe they can succeed, and thus they do.

Without an authentic conviction in our own capability, happiness, satisfaction, and success will always be a distant dream.

Defend your beliefs

There may be people who will try and contaminate our beliefs. Let us not allow them.

They may instill negative ideas in our minds, telling us how hard, how difficult, and how impossible to achieve our dreams. Just remember that the heart is stronger than the mind.

Don’t let these people decide who we are going to become. Let us stay available for the impossible and stay open to the unimaginable.

Let us defend our beliefs. Keep them aimed, locked and loaded to achieving our full potential and the person we ought to become.

We are what we believe.