How to Write a 6,000-word eBook in 48 Hours

One of the many things I do online is freelance ghostwriting.

I’ve had so many completed projects since I started ghostwriting last year, and comes with it is sometimes writing a 6,000-word eBook in a span of 48 hours. That includes editing and proofreading (courtesy of my wife, Denielle).

Maybe there are people who could write so much faster, but for me, writing an eBook at this pace is one of the most valuable things I’ve ever learned.

Note: If you have any tips on how I can write faster, please tell me in the comments sections at Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Why is it valuable for me? Because writing eBooks is one of my sources of income.

For those who are curious, I just want to share the minimalist process on how I do it.

To write a 6,000-word eBook in 48 hours:

1. Research on a topic. It is easy to research about something in this Google day and age. For an hour, use Google to research and read as much as you can about the topic you are going to write about. Take down notes.

2. List down the common problems associated with the topic. The typical purpose of writing an eBook is to help people solve their problems. In 30 minutes, list down all the common problems you can think of that can be solved by your topic. Try to limit it to a maximum of 10 items. These would be the chapters of your eBook.

3. Write solutions to each problem in 30-minute periods. Write as much as you can on how to solve a specific problem using all that you have researched and read. Do it in 30-minute intervals. Rest for 10 minutes, and then write again for another 30. Remember to say it in your own words to avoid plagiarism. Leave the editing and proofreading for later and just write freely. It is better if someone else does this for you. For me, I have my wife. In 6 hours and 40 minutes, without distractions, you can finish writing your eBook.

4. Edit and proofread. As just mentioned, have someone else do this for you. Let him or her cut down what you have written to 600 words per chapter. For 10 chapters, that’s already 6,000 words.

5. Leave it alone and read it again tomorrow. When you wake up, read your text again and make whatever changes you want to make. Give yourself four hours to do all the revisions.

6. Edit and proofread again. Have another round of editing and proofreading, and then the eBook is good to go.

Of course, this process doesn’t guarantee that your eBook will be perfect, but it will already be valuable. Besides, is there such a thing as perfect?


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