7 Simple Ways to Find Focus Every Day


Life can be full of distractions if we are not careful. At home, at work, in school, anywhere we are, distractions seem to follow us.

One good example is when searching the web. We can be pulled into an endless amount of reading data that we can get sucked into it without accomplishing anything that is needed to be done at that moment.

Not only that, there are the social networks where people tend to connect every time for all time. Not being in a wifi zone is considered a tragic problem for today’s youth.

There was a time when computers were just a small part of life. I remember the first time I used a Windows computer. That was in college. Life was better then.

Now we’ve created a new society, lifestyles of information overload, which strains and makes us feel stressed and worn out every day. It’s like having a million small voices competing for our attention. And the more we try to ignore them, the louder they become. Can you feel it?

The Beauty of Finding Focus

There were times when I wake up early in the morning and just do nothing. I sit still, feel my breath, and reflect about life. I try to listen to the quiet, appreciate the things around me, and be thankful for all the blessings of good and bad circumstances coming along the way.

I forget about the Internet. I forget about my needs. I forget about my wants. I forget about the Lakers going 0-4 for the season so far. I just try to savor the moment that I’m alive and breathing. And that I am loved and am in love.

And it’s beautiful. Peaceful. It refreshes me for another round of daily life.

Simple Ways to Find Focus Every Day

For all of you who are seeking the same, here’s a simple guide on how to find focus every day:

1. Wake early. Nothing beats the solitude of the early morning to refresh our tired souls. Everything is slow, quiet, and peaceful. It feels good to have a head start on the day.

2. Have a quiet time. Don’t just wake up early. Take advantage of it by having your quiet time or “alone” time. You can pray, read the Bible, and have a cup of coffee. This is the time to get life back in focus and reflect on your purpose.

3. Schedule digital disconnect time. Go outside and be active. Walk, jog, or run. Leave your cell phones in the bag. Refuse to open Facebook and Twitter for a week. You are a digital slave if that seems impossible. Make the most of your digital disconnect time by connecting back with your most crucial relationships such as your spouse, children, parents, friends, mentors, and others. Really be with them.

4. Let go of petty things. Realize that not everything is under our control. We are not God. We are finite human beings. We are not expected to save the universe every time. Doing so is impossible, and trying will only burn you out. Learn to trust God more.

5. Slow down. And be mindful. Stop conforming to the lie that life is a race, and that everything should be hectic and fast-paced. Stop accepting that we should bunch as many activities as we can within our 24-hour day to have a meaningful life. It’s not the case and never will be.

6. Single-task. Do things one task at a time. Even God created the earth one day at a time. It’s easy to lose focus when there are too many tasks at hand.

7. Simplify. More than anything else is simplifying. Define your essentials and prioritize them. Focus becomes natural when there are only a few items on your table.