Hope and Simplicity

Appreciating the moment is what it means to be simple.

But sometimes, the moment is too difficult to appreciate.

Have you ever been through that?

A loved one is sick. Your finances are in disarray, and you are deep in debt. You and your spouse had a fight. Your children are stubborn and uncooperative. Work is disappointing rather than inspiring.

This is living; the real stuff of life. And for some people, this seemed to be the case most of the time.

Sometimes, this happens to me, too.

My response: have hope.

Having hope

Having hope means that what we have or experiencing in the present is not all there is to life.

It means accepting that we are not in control of everything and it is part of the human experience.

We often think of ourselves as infallible. As if our projects are foolproof. Hope reminds us that our best and most noble actions are at best partial and imperfect.

Hope tells us to be humble, to accept things as they really are, that the world is not made for anyone’s convenience.

Having hope simply means acknowledging that we are limited human beings that need a God to take us further, transform us, and make us fruitful.


We can’t change these inevitable facts of life.

Problems and imperfections are really blessings if we look at them on a different perspective.

How? Difficulties humble us and break us, giving us the opportunity to call on God.

And, come to think of it, anything that gets us closer to God is a blessing.