We Are Gifted

All of us, you and me, we are gifted with something.

We can tell ourselves we aren’t, but we are.

We can always deny the fact, but we are.

Maybe we just don’t realize enough.

Come on. Think about it.

We have all kinds of talents and skills in us. All kinds of abilities.

We have creative capabilities that we can do and we don’t even know how we can do it, we just can do it.

We are gifted, that whoever is with us enjoys the gift.

It’s not all big, world class, ridiculous, exceptional things.

Simple things like write, speak, cook, care, give, build, design, or create.

And we just have a propensity for that something, we do it naturally, people around us think we’re doing it without effort.

We are simply gifted.

God has gifted each one of us with something and He expects us to make an increase with these gifts.

He expects us to use these gifts not only for our own personal benefit, but more importantly for the benefit of our family, and friends, and the people around us, and the people we influence.

He expects us to use these gifts for the good of this world He had created.

After we have passed away, people will be reminded of what we did with these gifts; not how big our house is or how many cars we had.

So recognize your gifts, realize your gifts. Appreciate your gifts and learn how to use them for the greater and common good, all for the glory of the Giver of gifts.

My friend, it’s time to realize it: you are gifted.

You have that greatness within you that you need to realize and let loose.

It’s time to stop worrying, and stop living another person’s life.

It’s time to live your own life, to pursue your purpose, to walk in your destiny, to accept your God-given calling.

We will all be better for it.

What are you waiting for?