The Danger of Materialism

There are two aspects of life: the material and the spiritual.

Materialism caters the physical body and its senses, while Spirituality cares about the soul and the spirit.

Minimally, a person’s physical needs are fulfilled with only the essentials: air to breathe, water and food to satisfy thirst and hunger, a few clothes for cover and protection, a bed to rest, and a house for shelter.

What usually happens, however, is that anything excess of these basic needs will either be unused or misused.

When a person is given four hotdogs for lunch when his capacity is only two, then the remaining two will either not be eaten – or eaten, but not so good consequences about his health will happen.

All of us have five senses: vision, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. These are difficult to satisfy, and they always crave for more.

Once a level of satisfaction is reached, the senses desire for a higher level and it will go on and on, thus contentment is never achieved.

The mind is considered as the sixth sense, and, apparently, is the most unsatisfied and ambitious of all.

New cravings and desires arise in the mind once an old one is fulfilled.

Suppose a person wants to buy a new car. His mind will remain preoccupied with that thought until it is satisfied.

Once the car is acquired, the desire fades, and the mind will go on looking for more.

Bodily desires can never be completely satisfied. As long as we are living, we will always have these assorted levels of tendencies to desire for a little more. Or way more.

So we have to be aware and careful.

Some are enslaved in this rat race: doing work they do not want, to have money to spend on things they do not need, just to impress people they do not like.

Sadly, this is reality now, and is happening right before our very eyes.

Whatever is acquired fuels the dissatisfaction even more.

The danger here is in the end, on our deathbeds, we may probably realize that life is short.

That we haven’t really lived life.

That we haven’t achieved anything that is really worthwhile.

Nothing is remarkable to be remembered.

In the end, all that’s left is the soul and the spirit.

All the things we’ve ever had here on earth will remain here on earth.

The soul and the spirit will drift into eternity – into darkness, or into light.

Where it will end up depends on how we took care of our souls and spirits while we are still alive.

“He then told them, ‘Watch out and be on guard against all greed because one’s life is not in the abundance of his possessions.’” 
– Luke 12:15