Success and Happiness

It’s no surprise that everyone wants to be successful and happy.

Who in his right frame of mind wouldn’t want to, anyway?

And because everybody wants success and happiness, these two ideas appear to become unattainable goals that people should forever chase and strive hard to attain.

If success is getting what we want, then it is about working hard, getting dirty, and going out there and making it happen.

However, this doesn’t guarantee happiness. Anyone can get what he wants without really being happy.

Getting what you want is only half the equation. Appreciating what you got afterward completes it.

Happiness is when you enjoy and feel thankful for what you have achieved.

Seems simple, but the problem is most of the time you can’t feel happy and successful because you never really knew what you wanted in the first place.

So you chase and chase, and do and do, and strive and strive, hoping that one day you will eventually get it, get that something impossible you thought you wanted which you thought you will only know until you get it.

Sounds exhausting…

What’s a man got to do?

The first step is making time to get to know yourself.

It is comforting to know that the answer is not found outside you. It is in you.

Success and happiness should not be a dream that you will forever chase.

They shouldn’t be hard to reach and hopeless to get hold of.

They are within you and all you have to do is decide to be so.

Here is the truth: Happiness and success don’t come from achieving something – not from acquiring things, or completing a project, or building that dream business, or from being famous and gaining the favor of people.

You are happy and successful as you choose to be.

Examine yourself. Be honest and critical about your values and beliefs.

Real success and happiness comes when you have discovered your why, your own unique reason for living, and then doing the necessary things to reinforce it.

If you want success and happiness, decide to be successful and happy, discover your life purpose, and then act accordingly.