Everyone Exists, Only a Few Live

Existing is an observable fact of life. It is a given.

We breathe, we eat, we drink, we think, we move and do things.

We wake up, shower and brush our teeth, put on our clothes, look in the mirror, walk out our front door, work from 8 to 5, then go back into our front door to sleep.

That’s existence.

We have life, therefore we exist.

We carry out our biological makeup for as long as we can breathe and after awhile we die.

That’s existence.

Living, however, is a whole different ballgame.

You don’t live just because you’re breathing. Or eating, or drinking. Or working.

You live when you acknowledge yourself, care for yourself, and know for a fact that you have a reason for existing.

You live when you know you don’t want to waste this limited time of existence, and you wanted to improve not only yourself but also help people that you influence to grow.

You live when you have clearly identified values, and that your thoughts, choices, beliefs, goals, actions and endeavors are all aligned with those values.

You live when you love yourself, you realize your value, and you’re comfortable with who you are.

You live when you’re performing your life purpose, loving others as you love yourself, helping them discover and unleash that greatness that is within them.

Loving Yourself is Not Selfishness

It is not narcissism either.

As a matter of fact, merely existing makes us love others more than we love ourselves.

That’s dangerous.

When we love others more than we love ourselves, our self-esteem becomes low. There is now an extraordinary amount of pressure to be everything to everyone – to please people.

We spread ourselves so thin that we have absolutely no time to care for ourselves.

This results into feelings of bitterness and depression, you begin to focus on yourself and your efforts and hardships, because your happiness became dependent on doing favors for others.

We Should Help Others

It’s alright to help out and do things for other people.

The problem is, with low self-esteem, we tend to do this only to feel good about ourselves because we don’t have the innate ability to be happy with ourselves without the affirmation of others.

That’s why Jesus Christ said that you should love others as you love yourself.

When we love ourselves, we are living, we have healthy self-esteem. We can do favors for others and not be so concerned about receiving affirmations.

If you gave away kindness, you don’t expect anything in return. You were kind because you are kind, expecting nothing beyond that.

Existing VS Living: A Mathematical Concept

Existing is a binary concept. It means that the mathematical value of existence is only 1 or 0. Either we exist or not. Either we are alive or dead.

But the mathematical value of living can be anywhere between 0 and 1.

Whether you’re living close to 0 or 1 is decided by how you tackle situations in your life.

Do you allow things to just happen or do you examine, evaluate, and plan your life?

If you are doing things according to your calling, according to your purpose, according to your unique why, according to your reason for living, then you are indeed living and not merely existing.

It is highly important for us to know the difference between the two and make sure that we live and don’t just exist.

Remember that dogs, cats, and starfish exist. Humans are meant to live.