Why Not Love Life Instead

I’m amazed by people who are so in love with material things.

Why not love life instead?

Our obsession with things has become unhealthy. When we are depressed, when we have problems, when we are inconvenienced, when we want to express our love, it’s as if there is only one solution: buy things.

And these things are becoming more and more expensive and wasteful and distracting.

This intense materialism leads to owning a lot, having a lot of clutter in the house… and yet doesn’t give our lives meaning.

It leads to deep debt and needing bigger houses to contain these meaningless stuff. Financially, people get far worse than ever because of this obsession with materialism.

Why not focus more on people than things?

When you’re depressed, why not talk to someone you trust and feel comfortable with, instead of eating too much and watching TV?

When you’re inconvenienced, why not take it easy, breathe, and ask other people for help before thinking about buying?

When you want to express your love, why not spend quality time sharing, talking and encouraging, than go shopping?

This lust for material things has disconnected our society from critical relationships, starting from our relationship with God down to our relationship with our loved ones and acquaintances.

Connect with living, breathing people, rather than with mindless material things. Realize that life, not stuff, is what matters. Objects are just objects – if you lose them, if they get stolen or destroyed… then they’re gone.

Life is the series of moments happening right now, and what you fill them is what really matters, not what you fill your house with.

At the end of this short journey, you’ll look back and remember the experiences, the relationships, the passion and love you’ve given and received, the people you loved and who loved you back, the things you did and didn’t do.

Not the things you had.