inspiring focus, simplicity, and purpose

Simplicity is Not Mediocrity

A common misconception about simplicity is that it is about mediocrity and settling for less. Quite the opposite, really.

Simplicity is realizing that less is better, more focused and more powerful.

Simplicity is not lack of ambition and laziness. It is not sitting down and waiting for better days to come. Quite the opposite, really.

Simplicity is making way for the most important things. It is focusing life to make it meaningful. It is putting passion into action.

Simplicity is not a life of limits and insufficiencies. It’s not holding back yourself and not fulfilling your potentials. Quite the opposite, really.

Simplicity is a life of freedom – freedom from boundaries and needs. It is a life where DOING is more important than HAVING.

Simplicity is a life measured in light of eternity, of legacy; rather than measured by the comments of other people who didn’t care, anyway.