What is Passion?

Passion is what the innermost man in us loves to do.

It’s something that when we do it, time stands still.

We can do it for free and it’s okay.

Like what I’m doing now. My ultimate passion is writing, so even if I don’t get income from writing blogs I still do it.

Why? Because this is who I am, this is what I love. I’m a writer.

Passion is what drives us, gives us energy to fulfill our life purpose.

It only means that passion and purpose goes hand in hand.

Purpose stems from Passion

We can notice that excellent, successful people do things they love to do. Manny Pacquiao loves to box, Francis Kong loves to inspire, Henry Sy loves to invest.

Life Purpose is related to what we love to do.

Finding our Passion is connecting all parts of our being, giving us energy to go out there and do it.

How to Find My Passion

Get a pen and a blank piece of paper.

List down all the activities you think you love to do. Everything, go ahead.

Then filter each activity by answering these questions:

     1. Does it make me lose track of time?
     2. Does it make me smile?
     3. Does it make me excited?
     4. Does it inspire me?
     5. Would I do it even if I don’t get paid doing it?
If an activity leads you to answer “yes” in all of the questions, then that’s probably your Life Passion.

Recommended Resource

To know more about Life Passion, I highly recommend Barrie Davenport’s blog Live Bold and Bloom.