What is Minimalism?

We can find many definitions of minimalism.

They are as uniquely explained as the individuals who defined them. But a few words stand out: less excess, more essentials.

My take

Minimalism is about eliminating the unnecessary things in life so we can focus on the necessary.

Stripping away of all of life’s excesses – possessions, activities, beliefs, and relationships – to live out our passion and purpose.

It’s about prioritization, which means it’s an individual’s reassessment of his own values.

A person’s values are different from others, thus it’s really discovering what’s essential to you.

And when we start reassessing, we will likely find out that material possessions are not the most important part of our lives.

Focused living, life of purpose

I use minimalism as a tool to pursue a life of lasting impact.

By taking away all my excesses, I’m able to focus in living out my passion and purpose, benefiting not only myself but also other people.

That, for me, is what’s most important.

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