What is Life Purpose?

Life purpose is simply the main reason why we are here on earth.

It’s more than just getting to the end of our day, hoping to be always happy, existing and taking up space.

Various spiritual beliefs have various suggestions of what life purpose is.

For example if you’re a Christian, the Bible tells us that we have five major purposes in life, which are: (1) to worship God, (2) to be in His family, (3) to grow into Christlikeness, (4) to serve Him and His family, and (5) to reach out to others. All these to give glory to God.

Your Life Purpose

Aside from that, there is also a unique “reason” why you are here.

All of us have a reason for living, a meaning. But it’s hidden.

If we never find it, we may feel that our life is unfulfilling.

It’s up to us to discover this purpose and live it.

You are Special

Your life purpose is as exclusive as your fingerprint.

There is no such thing as a wrong life purpose, because it’s who you are.

Your life purpose is not going to be exactly the same as your sibling, or your parent, or your mentor, or friends.

People and circumstances will try to discourage you in living your life purpose, and if you are not sure what it is, you may end up missing the point of your life.

I Want to Discover My Life Purpose

If you want to discover your life purpose, stay with me and read on.

Let’s find out together what on earth we are really here for.

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