The Best Gift to Give Your Young Child

Christmas is the best time for marketers.

This is also the best time for consumers.

This is the time of the year when millions of advertising dollars are directed to you to buy the perfect gift for your child.

Money is no object, of course. It’s your child, and you only want the best for her.

Well, here is my suggestion for the best gift. It’s incredibly pricey and becoming harder and harder to find: your time.

You child’s greatest need is the security of your love, and there’s no better way to express that than to spend time with her.

There is the myth of “quality time,” and it is a commendable aspiration. But don’t make it an excuse to miss “quantity time” with your child.

Those precious bonding moments will be the foundation of you and your child’s lifelong relationship. For your child, all time spent together is “quality time” because it is then when she has what she wanted the most – your attention.

But as I’ve mentioned above, this is a gift that is not cheap. It will cost you.

You have to give up important activities. You may have to say “no” to a business partner, or a chance to meet with old, long-time friends. You may have to miss out on playing computer games, watching TV, and other important hobbies.

Don’t worry, those other stuff will still be there after many years, but the childhood years are shortly gone forever.

Give your child the best gift that you can provide. Your time.

And give it while supply lasts.